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We are back and so so excited to get started this new year! We have so many fun ideas to share with you guys. Before I get started, check out some of our new and improved policies:

As many local shoppers may know, our province is currently in lockdown mode for the month of January, which means we cannot allow in-store shoppers at this time. 

We've decided to take this month to totally revamp and update our inventory system, while also uploading nearly all available product to the website. 

Our process for this is a bit different than our usual schedule. Usually, we upload Mondays and Thursdays at 7pm EST. For January, we will simply be uploading by categories at random times throughout the month.

For example: The first week of January, we will be focussing on inventorying, taking photos and uploading accessories to the website, and so on.

This means that it is best to just check periodically every week to see what we have uploaded. We also will make note of general uploads on Instagram.

We have also finalized the concepts for our spring Mystery Boxes! Keep an eye out for the new ones, launching February 1st at 6pm EST.

Hopefully we can see you soon in-stores as we have missed you sooo much over the holiday break! ✿✿✿

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