Walk me through a perfect day, from start to finish, where you could do anything you want. What does that look like?

My perfect day:

- Wake up at 7am feeling fully rested (lol) and go to De La Terre to see my partner Caleb and get an iced flat white with oat milk, and a danish!

- Stop by the farmer's market for produce and some fresh flowers to arrange.

- Go home and spend the morning in my office planning my day/week, flipping through old design books for inspo, and shooting/styling vintage.

- Eat pasta salad or sushi for lunch and go for a little walk to the park to read a book. Maybe pop into a few of my fav local businesses or go thrifting!

- Tidy the house, make dinner with my partner and eat it while watching a show or movie.

- Go for a drive to watch the sunset and look at cows and horses.

- Have a hot bath with lots of candles, bath oils, maybe a special gummy, while watching another movie, probably a Studio Ghibli film!

- Get ready for bed and either read my book, play Animal Crossing, or scroll on tiktok.


Do you have any tips for someone who might want to start their own curated vintage business?

Just go for it!!! It doesn't have to be anything fancy at the beginning. I think if you share pieces that you genuinely find cool and interesting, you'll attract a like minded, supportive community! I started selling on Etsy and have recently transitioned to my website, but selling through Instagram is a great option for just starting out. I'm always happy to help others who want to start a vintage shop, as I've spent years learning from my mistakes and want to help others learn from them as well! My biggest advice would be to do your research on the pieces you're selling, take well-lit photos that highlight the pieces, and curate things YOU love!!