How do you stay grounded in times of feeling overwhelmed or anxious?

I tend to run overwhelmed and anxious, frequently. It is a constant, conscious effort to stay grounded. I try my best to slow down; I’ll deepen my breath, lay on the ground if I have to, put my legs up the wall. But, I become very intentional. This practice starts as soon as I wake up. If during the day I start to feel it rising, I’ll go for a walk and put a podcast on.

It’s really vital that we recognize overwhelm and those anxious feelings because once they come on, they come on. I used to feel such shame around these feelings , but now that I’ve accepted them and have my rituals , I welcome them!


As a company, what does the ultimate Living Apothecary look like? Walk us through your vision!

I feel like I’m living that vision right now! Where we are right now with our space was always the dream. But, the pandemic has stunted it in many ways. The space has a lot more planned for this upcoming year as the pandemic lightens. As well, we have a lot of growth still to happen in our product line. I envision Living Apothecary as a one-stop service and product space for women to come and just feel really good!